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Superintendent Scholarship

2020 Superintendent Scholarships

Anthony Berkimer

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeKalamazoo College
  • Course of StudyChemical Engineering
Anthony Berkimer wants to make sure the environment has the law on its side. A passionate advocate for the environment, Anthony is pursuing a chemical engineering at Kalamazoo College on his way to a career in patent law. “I hope to prevent environmental issues before they even occur by working with companies to help patent products that will detect and clean up (chemical) spills.” Anthony has served as the editor-in-chief of the Eisenhower yearbook, president of the school Key Club, and is a member of the Superintendent’s Student Advisory Board. His parents are Scott and Andrea Berkimer, and he also recognizes his grandmother Mary Ferrario as an influence on his future.

Araujo-Pedroza Regina

  • High School Utica High School
  • CollegeCentral Michigan University
  • Course of StudyNursing

Regina Araujo-Pedroza wants to be a role model. “I feel that by going to college to become a nurse, I would have the opportunity to help young women like myself.” Regina’s career in nursing begins next year at Central Michigan University.

Bastounis Katerina

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeKettering University
  • Course of Study Chemical Engineering

Katerina Bastounis. What started as a love of science from her fourth-grade Olympiad team, the discovery that chemistry was her favorite class in junior high, to realization a year ago that chemical engineering was her future. “Not only will I be able to do something I enjoy, but being a chemical engineer allows me to better the well-being of living things, as it affects almost everything in life, and incorporates math and the many fields of science.” Her path continues at Kettering University next year. Katerina’s parents are Ourania and Dimitri Bastounis.

Borchet Cameron

  • High SchoolHenry Ford II High School
  • CollegeMichigan State University
  • Course of StudyConstruction Management

Cameron Borchet enjoys being in the middle of it all when it comes to building the future. A career in construction management will allow him “to coordinate a team of man, machine, and material in order to construct a building that could outlast my time on Earth.”
He is attending Michigan State University to pursue a career in construction management. His parents are John and Susan Borchert.

Brooke Gagnon

  • High SchoolHenry Ford II High School
  • CollegeOakland University
  • Course of StudyBiology/Genetice

Brooke Gagnon views solving advanced math and science problems as the door that opens its way to endless possibilities. Her passion for solving these problems has led her to a focus on genetics and the impact she can have on helping others. “I am so curious as to how one tiny strand of our DNA could have such a detrimental effect on our bodies. When I envision my future, I see myself finding cures to unknown genetic conditions and utilizing my passions.” She begins this journey with through a major in biology through Oakland University. She is the daughter of Tracy and Jeff Gagnon.

Buyck Shaniya

  • High School Utica Alternative Learning Center
  • CollegeFerris State University
  • Course of StudyFamily And Marriage Counselor

Shaniya Buyck is hardworking, driven and never gives up. Her teachers describe her as intelligent, hard-working and compassionate. Her focus on a successful future is leading her to pursue a degree in family counseling at Ferris State University. “I have a passion for helping and impacting others.” Shaniya credits her success to her mother Audrey Buyck and sister Shaynise Buyck.

Chan Kaylee

  • High School Utica Academy for international Studies
  • College University of Michigan
  • Course of StudyBiopsychology, Cognition,
    and Neuroscience

Kaylee Chan, healthcare is a universal human necessity. It was an argument that she made in her legislative debate program, and one that she will continue to advocate while studying Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. “With my secondary education, I will no longer be a seventeen-year-old girl writing a mock bill for a mock debate on a real-world issue. No longer will my success in terms of my debate rankings and awards. Instead, my success will be measured in terms of the impact I have on my patients, as I continue my advocacy against disparities in healthcare.” She is the daughter of Lena Lee and Mike Chan.

Cirenese David

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeUniversity of Michigan
  • Course of StudyEngineering

David Cirenese has a love of innovation and problem-solving. He has used those skills for everything from learning how computer games work to earning a perfect SAT math score of 800. The next problem that will need his innovative ideas: designing and engineering the future of trucks and cars that have a limited impact on the environment. “I wish to incorporate these ideas together to build safe, fuel-efficient cars that can simultaneously keep our world mobile and clean.” He starts this effort at the University of Michigan where he will study engineering. His parents are Andrew and Linda Cirenese.

Claudia Pilarski

  • High School Henry Ford High School
  • CollegeOakland University
  • Course of StudyUndecidad

Claudia Pilarski appreciates the knowledge and experiences that being a part of UCS has provided her. “Through trial and error, success and failure, I feel prepared for post-secondary life” and a career that “will leave me feel being fulfilled and excited for the future.”

Drake Castiglia

  • High SchoolStevenson High School
  • CollegeMichigan State University
  • Course of StudyPre-Physician
    Assistant Studies

Drake Castiglia is a valuable member of his school community. “He is compassionate and kind, and he truly cares about his school and home communities and is eager and willing to help in any capacity,” writes his Spanish teacher, Marisol S. Cross. A member of the Superintendent’

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