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Superintendent Scholarship

2020 Superintendent Scholarships

Julie Elfishawy

  • High SchoolUtica Academy for international studies
  • CollegeUndecided
  • Course of StudyPre-Medicine
Julie Elfishawy realized her life’s goal through a project designed to help others. As a junior, Julie organized a camp focused on healthcare careers. “I realized that, while I fostered interest in healthcare within my participants, I’d intensified my own passion for medicine.”

Kamrya Maples

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeUniversity of Michigan
  • Course of StudyEconomics and Actuarial Science

Kamryn Maples describes herself as someone with a keen sense for numbers. “My brain seems naturally calibrated for mathematics. My interest in the economy flourished from my love of mathematics.” Her interests in both fields will come together and she pursues a career in governmental actuarial science, which starts next year at the University of Michigan. She honors as key to her success her mother, Natacha Maples, and her sisters, Lauren and Keshia Primo-Allen.

Katerina Bastounis

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeKettering University
  • Course of Study Chemical Engineering

Katerina Bastounis. What started as a love of science from her fourth-grade Olympiad team, the discovery that chemistry was her favorite class in junior high, to realization a year ago that chemical engineering was her future. “Not only will I be able to do something I enjoy, but being a chemical engineer allows me to better the well-being of living things, as it affects almost everything in life, and incorporates math and the many fields of science.” Her path continues at Kettering University next year. Katerina’s parents are Ourania and Dimitri Bastounis.

Kaylee Chan

  • High School Utica Academy for international Studies
  • College University of Michigan
  • Course of StudyBiopsychology, Cognition,
    and Neuroscience

Kaylee Chan, healthcare is a universal human necessity. It was an argument that she made in her legislative debate program, and one that she will continue to advocate while studying Biopsychology, Cognition and Neuroscience at the University of Michigan. “With my secondary education, I will no longer be a seventeen-year-old girl writing a mock bill for a mock debate on a real-world issue. No longer will my success in terms of my debate rankings and awards. Instead, my success will be measured in terms of the impact I have on my patients, as I continue my advocacy against disparities in healthcare.” She is the daughter of Lena Lee and Mike Chan.

Megan Hanoush

  • High SchoolUtica High School
  • CollegeOakland University:
    Honors College
  • Course of StudyPre-Law

Megan Hanoush traces her career interest to an Advanced Placement Government class. “This class confirmed that I was entirely a fan, not only of just government but also the idea of being able to represent and fight for your client.” Drawing on her growing interest in history, government and strength as a public speaker, Megan has set her future goal to be a corporate lawyer. She will begin next year by studying pre-law at the Oakland University Honors College. Her parents are Summer and Mark Hanoush.

Michael Hagen

  • High SchoolEisenhower High School
  • CollegeUniversity of Michigan
  • Course of StudyEconomics

Michael Hagen has a great respect for the impact that economics has on everyday life. “I find economics, in general, a fascinating subject as it touches nearly every aspect of life today from gas prices to politics.” In addition to enrolling in rigorous course of study in high school, he has been the captain of the Eisenhower Swim Team. He will continue the study of economics at the University of Michigan. He recognizes his father, Michael Hagen, and sister, Caitlin Hagen, as significant keys to his success.

Noah Mousseau

  • High SchoolUtica High School
  • CollegeWayne State University
  • Course of StudyComputer Science

Noah Mousseau has a simple formula he will follow to become a successful computer programmer. “I plan on just staying strong, and persevering through college one day at a time, taking things as they come and staying on top of those which I have to think about for the future.”

Regina Araujo-Pedroza

  • High School Utica High School
  • CollegeCentral Michigan University
  • Course of StudyNursing

Regina Araujo-Pedroza wants to be a role model. “I feel that by going to college to become a nurse, I would have the opportunity to help young women like myself.” Regina’s career in nursing begins next year at Central Michigan University.

Sebastian Shaman

  • High SchoolUtica High School
  • CollegeMichigan State University
    Lyman Briggs Honors College
  • Course of StudyBiochemistry

Sebastian Shaman thrives in environments that are innovative, integrative and collaborative. It is an environment he experienced in UCS and one he is looking forward to at @lymanbriggs at Michigan State University as he pursues a career as a physician.

Shaniya Buyck

  • High School Utica Alternative Learning Center
  • CollegeFerris State University
  • Course of StudyFamily And Marriage Counselor

Shaniya Buyck is hardworking, driven and never gives up. Her teachers describe her as intelligent, hard-working and compassionate. Her focus on a successful future is leading her to pursue a degree in family counseling at Ferris State University. “I have a passion for helping and impacting others.” Shaniya credits her success to her mother Audrey Buyck and sister Shaynise Buyck.

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